This page is for the ANDROID Application GeoCoach2D-SHP-Info.

GeoCoach2D-SHP-Info is a application for Android phoe with GPS.
The version of this application is 1.0.0 released 29Apr2011.
The version of Android is from 1.6.
Please search in the Android market with the keyword "GeoCoach2D-SHP-Info"

This page is updated 29Apr2011.

GeoCoach2D-SHP-Info has following features. There are some restrictions for GeoCoach2D-SHP-Info. Set up shae files
shape file should be recorded by longitude and latitude
(1)Connect Android device with PC
(2)Set up the Androiddevice as USB storage
(3)Create folder "shapfiles" in Android SD memory card.
(4)Copy shape files to folder "shapefiles".

GeoCoach2D-SHP-Info open the shape files in folder "shapefiles" of SD memory.
(4)Detach Andorid device from PC

Display shape files
You can select shape files to dispya in the menu [File]-[Open Shape File].

File menu

You can select shape files in the folder [shapfiles] in the SD memory card.

Choice the encoding that is used in shape(.dbf) file.

OK button : read and show the selected shape files.

To get the attribute of shape, please tap a shape in the display.

After closed the attribute window, the selected shape is displayed with fat line to confirm the selected shape.

[File]-[Open Shape File]menu
About [Option] menu.

[move to center]
Scroll to the center of the last opened shape file after read selected shape files.
[zoom to max]
Set to max zoom after read shape files
[green, blue, etc] color names
Draw shape with specified color

Scroll to the center to specified longitude and latitude by degree

Scroll to the center to specified longitude and latitude by degrr, minute, second

[[My Location]menu]
In the case the GIP is working, scroll map to center with your position.

Specify the background

Terrain:display Google Maps
Satellite:display satellite pictures
Black:fill with black (not show Google Maps)
White:fill with white (not show Google Maps)

[Longitude and Latitude]
Display longitude and latitude of the center

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